Adderall and tingly hands

Adderall-severe side effects?? Pain!!!!.

Adderall and tingly hands

Tingling Foot Pain

Adderall and tingly hands

tingly, prickly feeling all over -.


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28.02.2007  Best Answer: Gravity and poor circulation. Nothing to worry about unless they start to swell up a lot or get numb or tingly. ----- If it is getting tingly
Hello, My problem started about a month ago when I noticed pins and needles/tingly feeling in bottom of feet. During that week it spread to my legs, along w/ pains in Numb/Tingly Foot Another Word for Tingle What causes the veins in hands to enlarge.
I started taking adderall in January (going on 3 months now). About 3 weeks ago I started waking up very tired and with swollen hands. On top of the swelling my
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Tingly Feeling .
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